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Offline Stall
Art of Localised Design | Re-launch HK Market Offline Stall is the very first design-led concept store with art and fashion spirit offering a journey to discover the ever-changing worlds of art and fashion with a kick. Why Offline Stall? Well, nowadays there are a hyper trend in shopping online, no need to step outside and can shop at your convenience. However we would like go differently looking back at the real roots of shopping experience at our retail store offline. As for Stall - Hong Kong is famous for its freshness of our market and looking back at the history of the market stalls; it was spontaneously gathered by different stalls from fresh fruit and veg, meat and dried foods to create our well known Hong Kong wet market store for us to shop today, and this was our concept , whereby we spontaneously gather Hong Kong local designers to create our offline stall for you to shop at your convenient. The ethos is to showcase the best in localised design creating endless possibilities for art and design incorporating the heart of Hong Kong Market, with a fun and unexpected co-create art piece area for customer to inspire. Founded by three passionate local Hong Kong designer brands: Blind by JW - Hand-drawn digitlised printed Womenswear and accessories designer brand. Pomch - Industrial Essentials. Fave by Kenny Li - Integration of geometry digital printed Womenswear designer brand.