Almond Chu
Almond Chu

It has been almost thirty years since my first portraiture.
Portraiture shapes my values into a message that connects me with the world.
Each portrait is a new experience. Nervousness stirs up. Inner emotions fluctuate.
This is all part of the creative process.
What I try to achieve is a new definition of the subject – I portray the person from my own perspective. The subjects do not always prefer my portrayal, but I insist, because what I do is not merely a service but a delivery of a message.
Sometimes I see myself in the subjects, as if part of me exists in them. At other times, I intentionally portray my own self: people who know me well read me in the images.
I was once asked for an explanation on the somewhat stern faces in the portraits and the seeming lack of emotion. I see the non-smiling state as the relatively true self. The smile is not an expression that lasts for long, while a countenance that shows no expression can render a sense of eternity, of timelessness.
Almond Chu
Almond Chu