Artificial Rock No. 59
By Zhan Wang
Zhan Wang
Artist Statement
Artificial Rock No. 59, Zhan used Stainless steel to create the  shiny surface of the rock. Zhan's artificial rocks are made by hammering sheets of stainless steel onto the surface of a Jiashanshi or Scholar rock. Small pieces are pounded, removed, and then welded together, in an extremely laborious process of craftsmanship, forming a production course sustained by personal expression that seamlessly combines technique and concept. The artist has chosen stainless steel to reflect the colours of the surrounding environment.  Its reflective surface are dynamic and in flux, unlimited in scope and variation to create a visual spectacle befitting the post-modern era. Its foremost characteristic is its ability to disappear in an environment, self-effacing and hovering between absence and presence. A scholar’s rock disappears in nature by means of its natural form, whereas the stainless steel mirror-surface does so by reflecting its environment.
Artist Bio

Artist Biography      Zhan Wang
Born in 1962 in Beijing, Zhan began his fine arts education at Beijing City Applied Art School in 1983. He completed his M.F.A. in sculpture at the Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA), and finished his graduate study at the same school in 1995.  From 1991 onwards, Zhan has shown work in many large national exhibitions and won several awards. Since 1996, Zhan has participated in many major international exhibitions and they include: Fukuoka International Field Exhibition of Sculpture, Fukuoka, Japan (1996); Cities on the Move - Asian Contemporary Art, Austria/ France/ Denmark (1997) and Instantaneity 20 Century-end Chinese Experimental Art Exhibition, Chicago, USA (1999). In 2003, Zhan was selected to join the China Pavilion of the 50th Venice Biennale. He had also been appointed as Vice-president of the CAFA Graduate School of Sculpture.

Stainless steel

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