Sensi Lion

26 Mar, 2016
Time: 4:00 – 5:30pm
Location: K11 Piazza
Sensi Lion is currently the only local reggae band in Hong Kong, they may also be the world's only reggae band playing songs in Cantonese. Their Cantonese lyrics are filled with Zen thoughts with mysticism and metaphorical meanings. The band believes that everyone is equal and there should be no discrimination and no contradictions because of differences in skin tones and eye colors. Their music is to breakthrough all these limitations and to praise for love and equality. Their music also creates a spacious environment and through the dub beats and the heavy bass sound, their music can get deep penetrated into every audience’s mind. The band’s Cantonese name is pronounced as “suān ní”. In Chinese traditional rumor, dragon has got nine sons and “suān ní” are one of his son. “Suān ní” likes smoking and sitting and “Suān ní” like sitting on an incense burner and to enjoy the incense smoke.