K11 Art Keen Programme

Want to take a step forward from the role of audience to BE part of our art practitioner? Here comes an opportunity you don’t want to miss K11 Art Keen Programme, which caters to current High-school students and undergraduates in Hong Kong, aspires to nurture young art enthusiasts to develop professional career in arts industry; have a comprehensive understanding of art appreciation and arts management; learn about the core principles and practical know-how of arts administrators, and to eventually enable local art sustainability. Don’t consider us as a conventional educational institute, though, apart from theoretical training, we provide also a wide range of field trip opportunities to participants to visit museums, cultural areas, artists’ studios and art events of the year to interact with artists and curators, gaining hands-on experience in the dynamic art scene.

If you are keen on taking part in the field of art and acquiring professional training, apply now —— let all your creativity unleashed!

Course Contents
• Art Business x Art Trend
• Art Marketing & PR
• The Art Exhibition in Practice

Other Opportunities
• Oversea Study Trip
• Annual Exhibition
• Opportunity for Internship / Art Docent*

Target: Student age 16 or above

More about K11 ART KEEN

ENQUIRY: k11artinfinity@k11.com