Participatory Art Project to Crowdsource “STAN”

Millennial artist Silas Fong is initiating a crowdsourcing process for a participatory art project from end February to early March, with a target to recruit “STAN” (for “stalker” & “fan”). Silas Fong will act as an “Interview Service Provider” (ISP) to do personal interviews for the STANs and turn them into videos.11 experimental video clips will be selected from the project, for display at K11 Showcases.
Are there people in your social networks that you are not too familiar with, that you have never seen, that you don’t even know? There maybe someone whom you are curious about, and have even watched for some time. Have you ever thought of knowing them further without disclosing yourself?
ISP would help you to interview these strangers, and assure you that your identity would be kept confidential.
•    STAN (participant) is requested to send the name and social media account of their TARGET to isp@silasfong.com
•    Upon the agreement by STAN (participant), ISP will invite a TARGET to a video interview.
•    Once agreed by the TARGET, STAN should provide 10 questions plus a message tailor-made for the TARGET.
•    STAN to provide written comments on the interview clips. The final writing will be based on the TARGET’s behaviour, and any discrepancies between the reality and the imagination of the STAN.
•     Important rule: ISP and STAN shall never disclose the identity of STAN in any way. Edited video clips from interview will be shown to STAN.
After final editing, the artist will select 11 video clips to be displayed at K11 Showcases. It is ISP’s professional endeavor to satisfy any STAN’s curiosity and keep the TARGET’s curiosity ravenous.
INTERVIEW SERVICE PROVIDER Public Art Project by Silas Fong
Date: 21 March 2017 – 21 May 2017
Venue: K11 Showcases
Free Entrance