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12 Mar to 9 May 2021
K11 Active/Idle

K11 Active/ Idle: Switch your mind on and off

In the search for wellbeing in a digitally reliant world, K11 Art Mall becomes a playground for interactive art this month with the help of Hong Kong artist collective Brainrental, whose tongue-in-cheek works are here to make us reevaluate our relationship with technology — both a convenience and a hindrance to real-life connections.

Here’s your chance to switch on and off: allow your mind to do the ‘heavy lifting’ as you explore the displays at chi K11 art space and the ‘Inconvenience Store’ at K11 Atrium. Then, take a breather as you relax and savour a few healthy treats, explore the world of CBD and join in on a number of wellness workshops, especially tailored for you this season!

Digital Fitness: An Experiential Gallery to Build Your Digital Muscles

Slow Down and Shop at the In(Convenience) Dept.

Hunt down Limited Edition Brainrental Stickers and Earn Shopping Rewards!

Date: 2021.3.12 - 5.9
Time: 11:00am – 10:00pm
Venue: K11 ART MALL

12 Mar to 9 May 2021
11:00 - 22:00
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K11 Event
Digital Fitness: An Experiential Gallery to Build Your Digital Muscles

In our contemporary society, we can hardly live without going online every day. The idea of removing ourselves from the conveniences of digital technology sounds impossible for many of us, given that technology has successfully integrated itself into every aspect of our daily lives. So we can only ask, "how can you live a healthier digital life?"

This spring, K11 presents “Digital Fitness: An Experiential Gallery” by Hong Kong artist collective Brainrental at K11 Art Mall as a means to help visitors explore a healthier way to live their digital lives. How to achieve this, you ask? You’ll need to grow some “digital muscles". Playing on the common everyday interactions that occur between people and their digital devices, “Digital Fitness” is an interactive experience store disguised in a “fitness centre” that explores and magnifies these absurdities. With various training equipment and playful illustrations poking fun at this phenomenon at chi K11 art space, as well as the guidance of our “digital fitness trainer”, Jimmy, we’ve got you covered from your fingers to thumbs. Come grow your digital muscles and prepare yourselves for the new era!

Chi K11 Art Space, B2/F, K11 Art Mall
K11 Event
Slow Down and Shop at the In(Convenience) Dept.

As technological advancement hurtles forward, our shopping experiences have also shifted from offline to online. While online, we’re able to buy anything, anytime and anywhere, causing traditional convenience stores to become less prevalent — and less convenient — than ordering from a few simple taps on your phone.

The “Inconvenience Dept.” by Hong Kong artist collective Brainrental at K11 Atrium was hence born out of this digital transformation. With a slate of original goods and crossover products on offer and the cheeky hospitality of our giant mascot Jimmy, here you can once again savour the experience of shopping in a “convenience” store in person, showing that sometimes, slowing down for an inconvenient moment can be well worth the time.

Date: 2021.3.12 - 5.9
Time: 11:00am – 10:00pm
Venue: K11 Atrium (G/F)

K11 Atrium (G/F)
K11 Event
Celebrating all Super Mums

Dedicated to all the super mums out there! Make mum feel extra special on Mother’s Day and present her with a complimentary rose when spending the occasion at K11 Art Mall. Upon designated spending, pick up a fresh rose at our kiosk or enjoy a quick on-site Sketch for Two to commemorate the day! Happy Mother’s Day!

A Gift of Love: Redeem a complimentary rose upon same-day spending of HK$300* or above.
Date: 9 May
Location: G/F (near Y-3, G07-09)
Time: 12:00nn – 8:00pm
*Only applicable with a single electronic transaction of HK$300 or more during the Promotion Period.

A Sketch for Two: A quick on-site portrait sketch for two upon same-day spending of HK$1,500 or above*
Date: 9 May
Time: 2:00 – 6:00pm
Location: 1/F, near K11 Select
*Only applicable with min. 2 and max. 4 electronic payment slips from at least 2 different K11 Art Mall merchants (min. spend of HK$50 each) during the Promotion Period.

*Terms and conditions apply.

G/F (near Y-3, G07-09) & 1/F, near K11 Select
K11 Event
Dancing with Our 11 Deep Sanitisation Robots

We're waltzing through the Covid crisis with our robot sanitisation squad. At K11 MUSEA, we’re always seeking innovative solutions to improve how we do things, and this week, our brand new fleet of expert cleaners are ready to get down to work! These little fellows may don twinkling eyes and cute expressions, but don’t be fooled by their friendly appearances — they are vicious when it comes to exterminating viruses and bacteria.

To make K11 MUSEA the safest place in Hong Kong, we’ve deployed 11 autonomous robots for the deep sanitisation job and to double down on our already stringent hygiene and anti-epidemic measures. Throughout this week and during our operating hours once we reopen on 6 March, these roving robots will be travelling all over K11 MUSEA to continuously disinfect every nook and cranny of our cultural-retail destination.

Each of our cleaning robots is equipped with up to 10 litres of sterilising solution that is certified to eliminate 99.99% of germs and viruses including Covid-19, but is safe for the human body. With a huff and a puff, the robot will spray the disinfectant into the air and the floor, covering a 4.5-metre radius as it travels through the premises.

Following the SLAM navigation system, which offers a predetermined map of the surroundings, the robot cleaners are able to quickly familiarise themselves with the lay of the land and zip their way through all levels of K11 MUSEA.

The autonomous robots are also equipped with three types of anti-collision sensors – including LiDAR, depth cameras, and ultrasonic sensors – which are the same as ones that you’d find in an automated parking system, allowing them to “see” up to 20 metres.

But it’s not all work and no play – check out our video to catch these fun-loving robots drooling over freshly baked croissants, appreciating fine art, and tearing up the dancefloor – probably mimicking their favourite stars on hit show Bridgerton, as they waltz across K11 MUSEA’s grand atrium!

Next time you’re visiting us, keep an eye out for these robotic cleaners that are working hard to safeguard K11 MUSEA and our community.

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