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Art Lab
Handbuilt Ceramic Sake Set Workshop

• Learn the traditional Eastern culture of choosing the right ware for the right food or drink to show your respect for nature
• Hand build your own set of sake wares and appreciate the beauty of wabi-sabi
• Course outline: Shaping & Decoration, Glazing
• Perfect for beginners with all the materials and tools provided

For Kids
Family Course
14:00 - 17:00
18 - 0 Years Old
KLUB 11 Registered Member / Pre-Member
KLUB 11 Gold Card Member
800 /
440 K Dollar
K11 Artist KLUB Paid Member
800 /
440 K Dollar
KLUB 11 Black Card Member
More Details
HKD $880
/ Person
Useless Studio

Useless Studio appreciates the art of craft and the concept of slow life. It is a way to escape from the busy daily life to truly enjoy the moment of crafting.


Art Lab
Handbuilt Ceramic Coffee Dripper Workshop

• A ceramic coffee dripper is considered the best material for hand brewing as ceramic keeps the water temperature while maintaining a balanced flavour for hand-brew coffee
• Welcomed and recognised by hundreds of professionals from the coffee industry, as well as coffee lovers
• Perfect for beginners with all materials and tools provided

Art Lab
(Online Course) Moss Terrarium Workshop

• Moss is one of the most popular plants because it can be taken care of
• Relax your body and soul through constructing the moss terrarium’s ecosystem and immerse yourself in the green nature
• The finished work can sustain your positive vibes and becomes the oasis of your daily stressful life

Art Lab
(Online Course) French Embroidered Peace Charm Workshop

• The course is prepared by Lunéville for the training of the Chinese CHANEL team. Follow the instructor to make a sachet or safety charm that is both elegant and practical
• Material package: a black layered sachet bag, pearls, bead tubes, sequins
• Teaching videos: Hand-sewn pearls, gold leaves and ribbon, base making and finishing methods

Art Lab
Swedish Design: Tiny Island Map Drawing Workshop

• The Tiny Island Map is designed by a Swede who lived in Hong Kong. The map extends the English names of the streets and connects the streets and alleys to form the north-south direction of the community
• Participants can choose from official maps of different communities and paint their own Tiny Island Map with different fonts
• The completed work will be framed and inscribed by an experienced calligrapher