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Art Lab
2020-10-04 - 2020-12-06
(Online Course) Film Stylo: Youth Mobile Filmmaking Programme

• Create a short film at home using available equipment
• Learn to express emotions on the film medium
• Explore connections between written words and moving images
• Practise mindfulness by using film as a creative outlet for emotions
• Empathise with other students’ experiences through their creative work
• Communicate personal responses and constructive criticism about others’ work
• 10 classes from pre-production, production to post-production
• Covered topics: introduction, writing, storyboard, filming, voice-over, editing, rough cut, premiere
• Completed short films may be screened at K11’s MOVIE11 programme

2020-10-04 - 2020-12-06
14:00 - 15:30
12 - 25 Years Old
KLUB 11 Registered Member / Pre-Member
KLUB 11 Gold Card Member
3300 /
1650 K Dollar
K11 Artist KLUB Paid Member
3300 /
1650 K Dollar
KLUB 11 Black Card Member
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HKD $3300
/ Person
Babel Film Workshop

Film Stylo was launched amid the coronavirus pandemic as a global filmmaking initiative for students. Its goal is to promote intercultural empathy through filmmaking by guiding students to use available technology to create a personal short film essay from their homes.


Art Lab
(Online Course) Zen Garden Home Décor Workshop

• Understand the miniature landscape design formed in Japanese temples
• Use stone and sand to depict ‘mountain, ‘river’, ‘sea’ and even the universe
• Feel the peace in mind through the process of layering and drawing sand patterns, and create a simple yet well-design space
• Understand the concepts of ‘emptiness’ and ‘nothingness’ in Zen culture. Add peaceful atmosphere to your home with the décor

Art Lab
Duo Batik Experience and Malaysian & Indonesian Traditional Costume Workshop

• Know more about the ancient fabric dye craft and batik. Learn about the meaning of ancient batik motifs from China, Indonesia and Malaysia in different periods
• Duo batik experience: create your own batik art using traditional hot wax and exclusive cold wax
• Try on batik sarong (a traditional Malaysian and Indonesian outfit)
• Learn to distinguish the authenticity of batik cloth on the market

Art Lab
Handmade Ceramic Sterling Silver Earrings Workshop

• Understand the aesthetics of ceramic design and make it your captivating style
• Learn the artifices of making hand-built pottery
• Gain hands-on experience by creating ceramic accessories with carved detailing
• Participants can enjoy 30% off on all regular-priced ceramic products from Life Kan (Shop 301, K11 Art Mall) and extra 10% off on special items. Terms and conditions apply

Art Lab
(Online Course) Industrial Style Chalkboard Lettering Art

• Explore the possibilities of different materials like chalk, chalk markers and acrylic in making chalkboard art
• Learn hand-lettering art and traditional calligraphy in hand-lettering form
• Learn the principles of design and graphic composition
• Create a piece of chalkboard art by merging all these art skills