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2020-11-28 - 2021-01-09
Uth KLUB Entrepreneurship Incubation Programme Powered by Eureka Nova

This programme aims to cultivate a risk-taking and value-creating mindset in young people through a series of events that enhance their skills and hands-on experience, helping them to develop entrepreneurship and conquer difficulties in various critical stages when they start their own business.

The Uth KLUB Entrepreneurship Incubation Programme is powered by Eureka Nova, a leading open innovation platform that empowers technology startups to co-create within the New World Group ecosystem of culture, creativity and innovation. This programme consists of 1 introduction talk on Zoom and 6 video classes conducted by leading startup founders in Hong Kong on different entrepreneurship topics, including Time Management, Getting Team Buy-In, Being Entrepreneurial and Keeping Costs Down, etc.

Eligibility: Participants must first become a K11 Uth KLUB Member Apply for K11 Uth KLUB Membership:

Class 1 on 28 Nov (zoom class): Finding your career in innovation and entrepreneurship by Wing Lee, Partner of WNJ Ventures
Class 2 on 5 Dec 2020 (video class): Time Management by Francois Chabaudie, Founder of Neoma
Class 3 on 12 Dec 2020 (video class): Getting Team Buy-In by Kelvin Wong, Founder of Origami Labs
Class 4 on 19 Dec2020 (video class): Being entrepreneurial by Quinn Lai, Founder of EONIQ
Class 5 on 9 Jan 2021 (video class): Keeping Costs Down by Christian Yan, Founder of Nanoleaf
Class 6&7: TBC

2020-11-28 - 2021-01-09
13:00 - 14:30
18 - 25 Years Old
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Wing Lee | Partner - WNJ Ventures

Wing is an investor and a venture builder at WNJ Ventures with a focus on new consumer technology sectors across Edtech, Digital Gaming, HRtech, Fintech and Ecommerce. Before forming WNJ Ventures, he was a consultant and investment banker with over ten years of experience in corporate finance, direct investment and debt capital markets across London, Singapore and Hong Kong.He holds a MA in Economics from the University of Edinburgh, MBA from China Europe International Business School and Execution Management certification with the University of Oxford. He is a qualified Chartered Accountant with the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Scotland (ICAS).


K11 Event
K11 OUTSIDE IN: Jason Freeny Asia XXRAY Experience Store

This winter, award-winning sculptor and toy designer Jason Freeny brings anatomical deconstructions of iconic characters, including XXRAY Elmo from Sesame Street, XXRAY Luffy from One Piece and Jason Freeny's crossover with other artists, such as Dissected Hellyeah by MAMAFAKA, Dissected POPek by Whatshisname and, XXRAY Mousy Little by STAYREAL to K11 Art Mall. Here you will discover the unusual in the familiar, and the unconventional inside you.

chi K11 art space (B2/F) and K11 Atrium (G/F)
K11 Event
A Dreamy Musical Journey

Embark on a musical journey with singer-songwriters Lester Lam and Moon Tang. Let your imagination fly with the poetic lyrics and beautiful tunes of their Bedroom Pop music.

Livestream on K11’s Facebook
K11 Event
The D Project Pop-up

Visit K11 Facebook and vote for your favourite product!

K11 encourages the public to enjoy and engage in the product design and creation process, and to discover and recognise young designers around the world. ‘The D Project - Product Design Competition’ is a platform for every product to tell its unique story. Here we present the 10 finalists to you.

1. Brand: Get the Pong
Get the Pong aims to bring a touch of fun to everyday life. It designs high-quality products with a sense of humour that make every day memorable.

Designer: Leo Yiu
Leo has received 9 international and local awards with 3 patents registered throughout the years. He founded PONG in 2017, focusing on designing functional and beautiful smart products.

Product: Oh!T Cup, Magnetic Tea Infuser Adjusts to Your Taste
Oh! T™ is a 3-in-1 tea strainer that brings tea lovers an efficient and enjoyable loose tea brewing experience.

2. Brand: BLIND by JW
Peer through the blinds into an artistic world of colour, delight and imagination. Blind by JW's designs bridge Eastern and Western influences, featuring modern motifs and surprising silhouettes to create wearable works of art.

Designer: Jessica Lau & Walter Kong
Jessica and Walter worked in globally-renowned luxury fashion companies. Their design is inspired by blinds, inviting people into an artistic world of colour, delight and imagination.

This map-printed bag with QR codes is a time capsule that preserves precious moments, allowing travellers to share their journey with others on a collective platform.

3. Brand: Wholly Wholly
RECRAFT is a lifestyle brand bringing 'Design' and 'Made in Hong Kong' together. It rejuvenates traditional brands with new designs that reimagine the possibilities of 'Made in Hong Kong'.

Designer: Westley Wong & Felix Tsoi
Westley is a lecturer and a columnist on design education. Felix is an all-rounded industrial designer. They integrate innovations and traditions into their designs to spark people’s imagination.

4. Brand: Concretology
Concretology is passionate about creating original premium products which preserve local history and traditional culture. Design is a catalyst to enliven our lives, intermingle different cultures and arouse resonance for everyone.

Designer: Jarvis Chin
Jarvis successfully got his first project funded on crowdfunding platform Kickstarter in 2018 and founded Concretology.

Product: The Storm and Foul Coaster
The design turns manhole covers into an exquisite and stylish coaster, replicating the patterns and shapes of these covers while preserving their cultural and historical value.

5. Brand: 5+2 Experimental Jewellery
5+2 Experimental Jewellery is a contemporary and experimental jewellery brand. Its jewels tell stories about the enthusiasm of pursuing dreams. They reveal individuality and show a unique character.

Designer: Janus Ng
A professional jewellery and fashion accessories designer, Janus was a Senior Designer at SWAROVSKI and founded her own brand, 5+2 Experimental Jewellery.

Product: Homeless
In hopes of raising awareness of global warming, the ‘Homeless’ rings embody the impact of climate change on wildlife animals.

6. Brand: Simple Lab Experience
Specialising in contemporary drinking wares and accessories, SIMPLE LAB EXPERIENCE aims to provide an enjoyable drinking experience that combines convenience and trendy style by using natural and eco-friendly materials.

Designer: Zec Chan & Carlos Luo
Both are tea fans and lab geeks, Zec and Carlos founded SIMPLE LAB EXPERIENCE to share their cool ideas and useful creation.

Product: AIRO Air-Lock Magic Brewer
AIRO provides an easy brewing solution by using air pressure as the locking mechanism. When you lift the upper brewer a bit, the ready-brewed tea automatically drips down to the glass below.

7. Brand: DACH
DACH focuses on improving outdoor and camping products, creating unique user experience through simple yet sophisticated high-quality design.

Designer: Royce Yu
Royce, the founder of DACH LIMITED, is an award-winning designer with a Master of Design from The Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

Product: LUNAR
LUNAR, a multifunctional lantern, is your perfect companion for all indoor and outdoor activities, bringing you light, power, convenience, comfort and safety.

8. Brand: Green One
Founded in 2019, Green One specialises in sustainable product design and development. It strives to create a positive impact through human-centred design.

Designer: Eddie Li, Vincy Ng & Vincent Mak
An innovative and award-winning design team with specialists in product design, industrial design and marketing.

Product: One Pair Straw
One Pair Straw is a reusable straw with an innovative detachable design. The straw can be cleaned easily without using the cleaning brushes, saving the trouble of cleaning traditional reusable straws.

9. Brand: Native Hounds
Inspired by American native cultures, NativeHounds blends it with the rich European leather craftsmanship tradition, showcasing a collection of collars and leashes with a strong personality and unique appearance.

Designer: Juan Manuel
A Colombian designer with 12 years of experience, Juan wants to create meaningful products that celebrate his culture and showcase his unique personality.

Product: Classic Edition
Native Hounds takes inspiration from American culture and European leather craftsmanship, showcasing a collection of collars and leashes with unique designs.

10. Brand: Departure
Departure Design delivers VALUES to PEOPLE through design, technologies and mass production. It focuses on tackling the problems that smartphone users encounter by providing unique and considerate solutions.

Designer: Jason Wong, Johnny Chan & Lamb Tse
The trio met in the university and worked in different fields after graduation. They formed the Departure Design and put their experience in industrial design, textile design and branding design together.

Product: D-Strap
D-Strap, with a comfy and stylish design, features a well-designed locking mechanism that provides a secure grip for iPhones.

1/F, K11 Art Mall
K11 Event
Pet Art Jamming

Time: 3 sessions per day on weekdays and Sundays
(11:00am – 2:00pm; 2:30 – 5:30pm; 6:00 – 9:00pm)
Venue: chi K11 art space (B2/F, K11 Art Mall )
Fee: HK$230 / session
Age: 18 or above

Fee includes︰
• 30 x 40cm canvas
• Tools including 12 paint colours, easels, brushes, palettes & aprons
• A tailor-made canvas carrier
• 4 levels of step-by-step teaching videos covering different pet painting skills

Private Event
Fee: HK$1,640^
^ For bookings and timeslot availability, please contact the chi K11 art space hotline at 2136 8388.
^ Maximum capacity: 8 adults

Paint Anywhere Service
Start your own art-jamming session at anywhere you like without restrictions.
Fee: HK$500 Return on the next day

*Terms and Conditions apply. All rights reserved by K11 KULTURE ACADEMY.

chi K11 art space (B2/F, K11 Art Mall )