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Cinematheque for All

MOVIE11 is a public movie platform that engages movie lovers and movie creators. Through themed screenings, interactive experience with cinema experts, workshops and seminars on a vast range of film-related topics, MOVIE11 opens doors to the colorful and diverse world of cinema and film production to cultivate the public’s appreciation for movies. By connecting industry insiders and amateurs, MOVIE11 serves as a platform to groom the new generation of movie talents.

MOVIE11 Events
MOVIE11 ✕ Videotage | July Screening: Live Laugh Love

Sick of the same old summer blockbusters? Expand your cinematic palette and catch a variety of films ranging from documentaries, animations to arthouse films from Videotage Media Art Collection curated by Videotage and K11. An online screening will also be available simultaneously with the offline screening to allow you to enjoy the screening while staying at home.

July Screening: Live Laugh Love
"Live Laugh Love", the screening in July will lead the audience to search for love and smile from human relationship veiled by materialistic life style while rethink the popularized notion of “Positive Thinking” merely focusing on the influence of individuals’ attitude towards emotions. The physical screenings will be held in K11 and the online screenings will be held under VMAC Selection in MAKE WAVES | #PopUpCinema on the website of Content Lab.

Date︰18 July 2020 ( Sat)
Time︰1:00 – 4:00pm
Venue︰chi K11 art space(B2/F, K11 Art Mall )

Online Screening
Date︰28 July 2020 (Tue)
Time︰7pm - 6:59pm (Next Day)

Fly Me Out of Here (2019) Moshing Frenchie
August Slide (2018) Cheng-Hsu Chung
Flipping Pages - Inside our Town (2017) Linnea Havilland
Nana You Sure?(2018) Wong Yee Mei
Mother’s Note (2017) Jimmy Leung
Pink Lin (2016) Wong Yee-mei, Siuyea Lo,Joseph Wu
T~~_T~~ (2015) Anna Chim
Fake Laugh (2018-19) Mak Ying Tung 2
The formalized abridgment of the supposed substratum of the rational truth (2018) Miao Ying

Joseph Chen, Angel Leung