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Cinematheque for All

MOVIE11 is a public movie platform that engages movie lovers and movie creators. Through themed screenings, interactive experience with cinema experts, workshops and seminars on a vast range of film-related topics, MOVIE11 opens doors to the colorful and diverse world of cinema and film production to cultivate the public’s appreciation for movies. By connecting industry insiders and amateurs, MOVIE11 serves as a platform to groom the new generation of movie talents.

MOVIE11 Events
MOVIE11|Student Film Screenings Presented by K11 Uᵗʰ KLUB

K11 Uᵗʰ KLUB is devoted to providing a diverse range of exclusive art, cultural and inspirational events for young people. Kicking off 2021 is our first round of Student Film Screenings, held in collaboration with the Department of Creative Arts from the Open University of Hong Kong (OUHK). Graduates from OUHK will showcase their creative works under the theme ‘Recollection of my rough edges’, this graduate show offers a space for students to express themselves without boundaries and restrictions.

Dates: (Sat) 30 January 2021 | (Sat) 20 February 2021 | (Sat) 20 March 2021

Time: 2:00 – 3:00pm

Venue: K11 Piazza, K11 ART MALL

January Screening – Animation and Visual Effects

HereAfter (Wong Wun Ki Winki, Lui Wai Hang)
Hearing from Water (Ting Wai Lam, Au Hiu Ching, Yeung Tsz Hei Koneko, Tang Hilary Yin Ting)
Fungi Wolf (Lau Pui Man Emily)
Hidden You (Chan Yuk Kit, Chan Wing Yin, Sze King Ho Harry, Ng Chit)
Plumage (Chan Tsz Yui, Lai Hiu Yuet)
Reciprocated (To Ka Yi Kelly)
Veget-Crisis (Pan Siu Yu, Wai Lok In, Choi Ching Shun, Siu Wai Yee, Lam Tze Shan)
wIsh (Chan Cheuk Lam, Lau Uen Ngai, Tsoi Ning Wun)
A Slice of Art (Lam Ngai Yin, Hsu Siu Ming, Tang Shuk Yin)
BAAK LOK (Tang Wing Kar, Li Mei Wai, Leung Tsz Ching, Wu Wing Yan)
Buddha, Red Bridge, Katana (Chiu Ho Ming, Yeung Kin Shing, Wong Hoi Yin)

February Screening – Creative Writing and Film Arts
《不求人》(Leung Hin Yeung)
《極樂英雄》(Cheung Wai Yu)

March Screening – Cinematic Design and Photographic Digital Art
《貓的執迷》(Ho Ka Yan, Choi Sin Man Amanda, Ng Yi Ki)
《盲甘》(Mok Po Lun, Mak Kin Leung, Lee Timothy Si Ming, Lam Chun Ting Marseille, Lee Ching Man, Leung Kai Lun, Woo Kwan Ho )