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Dr:Ci:Labo is a well-known skincare brand from Japan. Established in 1999, Dr.Ci:Labo is Japan’s well-known Doctor’s Brand Cosmetics founded by Dr.Yoshinori Shirono (the Director of Shirono Clinic). Dr.Ci:Labo has been striving to provide effective doctor’s brand skin care products to help people with their skin concerns. “Aqua Collagen Gel” is the signature product of Dr.Ci:Labo which has been sold since 1999 and it has sold over 30 million products throughout the world. Dr.Ci:Labo’s Concept: Simple: Uses natural ingredients and simple formula, creating “All-In-One” products to simplify the daily skin care routine. Results: You’ll see the positive results even 10 years after. Science: Uses Japan's latest technology for product development and quality management.


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