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8 Feb 2020
Embracing Culture Series | Playful Heritage

Revitalisation of Heritage Buildings
Explore with us alternative, and maybe even better, ways to preserve traditional and cultural heritage! While comprehensive preservation has been the mainstay, negotiating a sustainable representation may prove to be even more effective in connecting the past and present. For example, historical buildings of vital importance to collective memory can be revitalised and transformed with design thinking. Cases in points include Tai O Heritage Hotel (formerly Tai O Police Station), Haw Par Music (conversion from Haw Par Mansion), Lui Seng Chun Building in the School of Chinese Medicine at Hong Kong Baptist University (revitalisation of Lui Seng Chun Building). All these have been given a second life in serving the contemporary communities.


Melanie Kwok
Senior Sustainability Manager, Hong Kong Heritage Conservation Foundation Limited

Lau Kwok Wai
Executive Director, The Conservancy Association Centre for Heritage

Roger Wu
Executive Director, Project Development Haw Par Music Foundation

Tradition ‘ʁ’ Trend
Contrary to common belief, traditional custom and culture can well-inspire creativity! For example, there are artistic elements in calligraphy and font styles on traditional signboards. Also, can you imagine crossover between Kwon-glazed porcelain and a trendy brand? How about rice water and tea becoming a new-generation healthy drink? Traditional charms have found a new life through creative ‘re-packaging’! Join SALON11 on our journey in exploring traditional wisdom and new ways in revitalising traditional culture through basic life necessities. Get ready to be fascinated!


Adonian Chan
Hong Kong Lettering Designer, Graphic Designer & Musician

Lam Duen Shan Ming
Kwon-glazed Porcelain Artist

Cinci Leung
Founder, CheckCheckCin

Ken Fung & Kevin Mak
Architects / @streetsignhk Co-Founders


Fong Tai Chor
Writer & Journalist

*Event will be conducted in Cantonese

8 Feb 2020
12:00 - 14:00
K11 Piazza
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