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19 Sep - 1 Nov 2020
【EXPERIENCE STORE】A Little Too Real: An Enchanted Dream by Vann

Indulge in the jewellery-transformed world with LOMOGRAPHY’s INSTA-MOMENT experience.

How does a display change the perception of the displayed subject? How can jewellery be exhibited and understood in a contemporary dialogue?

Artist Vann Kwok seeks alternative ways to discuss how jewellery is understood in relation to the setting it is being presented. Kwok extends her material language and aesthetics into a surreal home-setting, juxtaposing jewellery with our everyday surroundings. The jewellery-transformed objects present a universe of materiality; together they describe a composition of vivid colours, metamorphic shapes and unusual surface textures.

You're invited to walk into Kwok’s whimsical world which serves as an abstract narrative to address jewellery’s transition from tangible art installations into an intangible visual experience.

Music by SEEAHOLE music curation


Indulge in VANN’s surreal world through the lens and explore film and fashion aesthetics. Try out the LOMO’Instant Wide for instant photos and Lomography Simple Use Film Camera Color Negative 400 for analogue photography with colour filters.

• Instant Photo Experience
• Instant Photo Experience + Analogue Photography Package (Top up with $100)
• Instant Photo Experience + Analogue Photography Package for 10 persons (1-hour private event). For bookings and timeslot availability, please contact the chi K11 art space hotline at 2136 8388.

* Children aged below 12 must be accompanied and supervised by a parent or guardian.

***chi K11 art space will be temporarily (or partially) closed for hosting event. The Experience store will resume to normal afterwards. Thank you for your kind understanding.
- 2020.09.23, WED, 2pm - 5pm
- 2020.09.26, SAT, 3:30pm - 9pm (Zone 1 closed)
- 2020.10.03, SAT, 1pm - 4:00pm (Zone 4 closed)

19 Sep - 1 Nov 2020
11:00 - 21:00
chi K11 art space (B2/F)
KLUB 11 Registered Member / Pre-Member
KLUB 11 Gold Card Member
20 /
10 K Dollar
More Details
HKD $60
/ Person

Vann Kwok (b.1983) is an international award winning jewellery designer from Hong Kong. Having a background in fashion design she extended her interest towards transforming objects into various mediums of art. The experience of rich cultural diversity led Kwok to constantly question what defines her and her designs, how she uses her work in order to embrace the past, embody the present and inspire for the future. She decided to use jewellery as the platform to discuss heritage vs innovation, man vs machines and fashion vs art.


K11 Event
Style Vote! Pick Your Favourite Style

Fashion is all about being bold!

Starting from 28 Sept 2020, K11 presents to you Style Vote, our first ever fashion voting event, where participating fashion labels are invited to style a mannequin to showcase their unique fashion sense.

How to Vote:
Step 1: Come and visit the looks at designated spot
Step 2: Vote for your favourite look by scanning the QR codes on the selected mannequin with the ‘K11 HK’ Mobile App
Step 3: Receive a fashion label voucher instantly! After each phase, the first 10 voters of the winning fashion label will also receive HK$500 worth of K11 gift vouchers!

Phase 1: 2020.9.28 (Mon) - 10.11 (Sun)
Phase 2: 2020.10.19 (Mon) - 11.1 (Sun)
Designated spots: G/F, K11 Art Mall

Terms & Conditions apply. Photos are for reference only. K11 reserves the right to amend the programme without prior notice.

K11 Art Mall
K11 Event
Next in Style Pop-up Store - C.P.U. x New Balance

Come visit the pop-up store by C.P.U. x New Balance to find your next statement piece! New Balance hot items will be launched with limited quantity, including 327 series which reinterprets the legendary classic design of the brand in classic colours of the 70s style.

Upon spending of HK$1,200 at the pop-up store, you will also have a chance to get a START FROM ZERO Tote Bag or Simple Union Shoelaces, and participate in DIY workshops brought to you by these two local handcraft brands. (Available on a first-come-first-served basis while stocks last)

Date: 2020.9.12 (Sat) - 10.11 (Sun)
Time: 12:30pm – 7:30pm
Venue: K11 Atrium, G/F, K11 Art Mall

Terms & Conditions apply. Photos are for reference only. K11 reserves the right to amend the programme without prior notice.

K11 Art Mall
K11 Event
Discover Local Brands at K11 Market Style Edition

The next big thing in style is YOU.

K11 gathers various local brands at K11 Market Style Edition, where you will find trendy fashion products and artistic handicraft. Dare to be bold. It’s time to be the real you.

Date: 2020.9.12 – 10.25 (Every Sat & Sun)
Time: 11:00am – 9:00pm
Venue: 1/F & 2/F, K11 Art Mall

Select products are also available at K11 eShop. Enjoy 11X KLUB POINTS* upon any purchases and free delivery upon spending HK$500!

*11X KLUB POINTS only applicable to KLUB 11 Gold Card Members or above.

Participating Brands on 26 - 27 Sept:
1. Rhapsody.jh
2. GaGaMiMi
3. 玫瑰DIY
4. 清池
5. Thinking Daisy Jewellery
6. OYTY Handmade Leather Studio
7. Playful Socks
8. Klass Glass
11. Errorism
12. Beebeeworkshop
13. My Knitmama 在織媽媽
14. Pisces’ Secret Creative Accessory
15. 思家布房
16. m.y.s.t.i.c ami_fuku
17. Adc
18. Freanne.j
19. HouseofYu-en
21. .FINE.

K11 Art Mall
K11 Event
(Online) Eco-leadership Programme

Online Eco-leadership Programme

Do you know how many insect species live in Hong Kong? 10,000, 20,000 or 30,000? No one knows the exact number, but for sure, they exceed any other groups of animals or plants in terms of diversity. Another certainty is the paramount role that insects play in the functioning and health of ecosystems, even if these roles are often underappreciated or even misunderstood by most people.

Nature Discovery Park and the School of Biological Sciences of The University of Hong Kong co-developed the online eco-leadership programme, which aims to introduce the ecological importance of biodiversity and participants will learn about the direct resources insects provide to human, as well as the influence they have in science and art.

Date: Self-paced with all modules to be completed by 30 Sep 2020

Programme details:

Week 1
Part 1: Little insects keep the world moving.
Part 2: Service-oriented little insects – why not!

Week 2
Part 1: Love art, love science = love insects! Insects benefit various aspects in our lives.
Part 2: How are insects collected responsibly? Are they everywhere?

Week 3
Part 1: Learn insect-inspired “morse code” and share scientific facts confidently!
Part 2: Insects have superhero capabilities too, what would they be?

Language: English

Age: 12+