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Interactive Drama for Toddler 'The Theatre of the Senses'

[HK5Senses] The pioneer of Hong Kong and Asian infant theatre, conducts interactive parent-child theatre workshops, bringing sensory performing arts experience to K11 MUSEA!

Through sensory stimulation and interaction, from listening to touching, combining creativity with the body, parents and children create various theater scenes together.
We invite you to create a unique "The Flow of Wind and Sea" drama and celebrate Christmas!

Combining original Sensory Interactive Theatre performances with simple aesthetics and environmentally friendly objects, plastic bags, tissues, water, and water bottles, and imagine if audiences become ocean, waves, and even wind? Let's create a theatre "Flows of Wind and Sea". Also, we will create a little pieces with parent-kid by body movement and stimulation of the senses!

. Sensory stimulation X Interaction
. Interesting video X Body movement
. Daily Materials X Various scenes

Course objective:
Let’s bring the creative imagination of theatre into daily life, and experience sensory drama journey!

Suitable for age 0-3 years old (parent-accompanied class)

Kids Friendly
For Kids
14:00 - 15:00
0 - 3 Years Old Kids
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120 K Dollar
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Five Senses Education Experimental Theatre

[HK5Senses theatre] The Pilot Theatre in Hong Kong and around most of Asia city, to develop Baby-early Child Theatre.
The first Hong Kong theatre company who has sponsorship of Government funding or programme for developing baby theatre overseas, including Hong Kong Home Affairs Bureau(HAB), Leisure and cultural Services Department(LCSD), Arts & Development Council(ADC).
The theatre had been Co-operated with Hong Kong Repertory Theatre.
As the company is developing Diverse & Multi art form by “Sensory x Immersive x movement x deeply storytelling x multimedia” by Perceptual interaction to create a story during the show.
To experiment how unlimited, borderless a theatre can go. Which attracts attention in local and overseas.

The artistic director of HK5Senses is Art Education Consultant of Hong Kong Arts & Development Council, The Theatre member of ATYA.

Since 2020, Our company was invited by different countries to present the uniqueness and breakthrough of early child theatre , Japan (ASSTIEJ International, World Congress 2020), Korea(ASSITEJ), Taiwan (International conference) , Malaysia (Mother of “Drama”), Mainland China(Subsidized by Hong Kong Government’s programme), for baby theatre international conference and development.

HK5Sense Theatre has invited to World Congress 2020, Tokyo and one of the panelist in Project of Japan-Baby theatre under 1st Asian Baby Theatre Meeting.