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20 June 2020
MOVIE11 x CNEX | The Coolest Street Culture — Parkour

Parkour is an art of movement. Practitioners use different movements such as jumping and climbing to pass obstacles in urban spaces. Parkour is also about overcoming fears and mental obstacles, enhancing self-confidence and critical thinking skills.

Come and discover how this coolest street sport is widely popular among the young people in China through this documentary produced by CNEX.

Bazaar Jumper (2013)
Director: HAO Zhi-qiang
Duration: 70 min

*To ensure the health and safety of our customers, the number of participants will be limited to 8 per session.

20 June 2020
17:00 - 20:45
chi K11 art space(B2/F, K11 Art Mall )
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CNEX Foundation

CNEX is a non-profit foundation devoted to the production and promotion of documentaries of the Chinese people. CNEX strives to facilitate cultural exchange between Chinese and the rest of the world through supporting documentaries depicting contemporary Chinese – people of Chinese ethnicity, their living and their society, especially in a time of unprecedented and rapid changes happening in this ancient culture.



Talk 1: Pop Art Popping Across Borders

As its name suggests, pop art is an art form that negotiates between pop culture and art. Pop art works are often inspired by the public and the art form, among others, is thus most easily accessible to the public. Pop art evolves with the generations and is no longer confined to pure art pieces, but has found it ways into high fashion series and home appliances like works by Takashi Murakami and those by Yayoi Kusama. As for the talk, we’ll have three speakers who have earned titles in multiple disciplines to share with us the new landscape of pop art from the perspectives of fashion, skateboarding, art and music.

Talk 2: Art Toys Fever

Art Toys has gained fame internationally but guess where it originates from? Hong Kong! Famous contemporary artists such as KAWS, Yoshitomo Nara and Hajime Sorayama have been great examples of artists promoting Art Toys. Their Art Toys have been valued as much as original art pieces and have even been sold for very high prices at auctions. In this talk, a home-grown Art Toys designer, a toy developer, and a representative of a pop art gallery will introduce us to the world of Art Toys and guide us on our way to becoming a pop art expert!

Member of 24Herbs & Founder of 8FIVE2

Zoie Lam
Fashion Designer, illustrator & Stylist

Winson Ma
Creative Director of Hong Kong Figure Brand Winson Classic Creation

Keith Wong
APPortfolio Chairperson & Art Toy Inventor

Bosco Yau
Creative Director, Streams

Fong Tai Chor
Writer & Journalist

chi K11 art space (* there will be online streaming at the same time)