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K11 × Greeners Action

Green-licious Food Waste & Plastic Reduction Campaign


K11 has launched the Green-licious Food Waste & Plastic Reduction Campaign as the first initiative in Hong Kong that provides bespoke consultation, management solutions, and third-party recognition to tenants. Developed in partnership with NGO Greeners Action, it ensures proper practices are in place through assessments, audits and awards. To become a certified dining spot, tenants must commit to taking specific measures and meet requirements developed by K11 and Greeners Action.


The certified ‘Green-licious Dining Spots’ have pledged and demonstrated commitment to sustainable practices with regards to disposable plastics and food waste. The Green-licious Dining Spots committed to ‘less plastic’ measures welcome patrons to bring their own containers, will not proactively offer single-use-plastic foodware but will provide eco-friendly alternatives instead; while those committed to ‘less food waste’ measures will provide smaller portion upon request, offer vegetarian options and send food waste to be treated via K11’s on-site decomposer to divert waste from landfill or food waste recycling service to convert into useful resources.


Through the ‘Green-licious Food Waste and Plastic Reduction Campaign’, we invite the community to join us in adopting sustainable dining and lifestyle habits for a better tomorrow.


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