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Spice Up Your Daily Routine with These Exciting Accessories!

Hot summer months call for a splash of fun and colour! Add a dose of excitement to your wardrobe, kitchen or beauty cabinet with these fashion and lifestyle picks today! 

PICK11 Recommendations:

1. Matter Matters Gallery - Diva Satchel Bag with Shoulder Strap


Colourful, fun, and energetic, Matter Matters’ Diva Satchel Bag incorporates geometric shapes into their design as an eye-catching yet functional detail that adds a spark to any outfit.

Matter Matters Gallery (101, 1/F, K11 Art Mall)

2. VERSO STUDIO - ET SEQ. Nail Polishes

A product that looks beautiful on the vanity and on your nails, this quill pen and ink-bottle nail polish is from et seq., a Taiwanese nail polish brand that finds inspiration from the delicate art of calligraphy.

HK$118 each
VERSO STUDIO (104A-105, 1/F, K11 Art Mall)

3. GQOG Lifestyle - Miffy Double Glass

Peek-a-boo! miffy makes an adorable appearance on these double layered glass cups showcasing her different expressions for all to enjoy. Handcrafted in Taiwan, these exclusive pieces are now available at K11 Art Mall!

GQOG Lifestyle (201, 2/F, K11 Art Mall)


Coffee-making is an art and a science: The Hario Coffee Syphon makes the brewing process as seamless as possible with their vacuum siphon technology that produces unmatched cups of rich, crisp coffee without fail.

Life Kan (301, 3/F, K11 Art Mall)

16 Jul 2021 - 05 Sep 2021