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3-Day Shopathon

3-day Shopathon Lucky Draw
The KLUB 11 Membership No. of all winners are as follows:

Each Winner will be notified by push notification via K11 Mobile App and a call by our customer service representative at the Announcement Time of that particular lucky draw session.


Session 2020.09.18 (Fri)
12:00pm-1:59pm 0101000023521101
2:00pm-3:59pm 0199002140611101
4:00pm-5:59pm 0199003136911101
6:00pm-7:59pm 0199001712871101
8:00pm-9:59pm 0199003139158101


Session 2020.09.19 (Sat)
12:00pm-1:59pm 0199001238384101
2:00pm-3:59pm 0101000142962202
4:00pm-5:59pm 0101000134775201
6:00pm-7:59pm 0199002343535101
8:00pm-9:59pm 0199003136681101


Session 2020.09.20 (Sun)
12:00pm-1:59pm 0199003149061101
2:00pm-3:59pm 0101001936047101
4:00pm-5:59pm 0199002026061101
6:00pm-7:59pm 0112000802446101
8:00pm-9:59pm 0174001120686101

Each winner is entitled to 10,000 K Dollars. The prize of 10,000 K Dollars will be credited to your account in the form of KLUB Points by 2 October 2020.


Trade Promotion Competition License No. : 53611-25